We recently released Polly Chat, the first investment chatbot for Facebook Messenger. Polly Chat engages you in a conversation about recent financial news headlines and prepares a financial profile based on your responses, along with customized portfolios and trade ideas. All free.

Chatbots have become the latest hot thing in tech because they make it so easy for users to get started and keep going – no logins to create, no apps to install, a streamlined experience for users who are already on messenger. So you’d think many investment companies are building bots for release in the near future. Why haven’t they?

Sure, it takes work. There were some non-trivial aspects in the engineering and design of Polly Chat.

But there is a more fundamental reason we released Polly Chat: it only makes sense to build a chatbot when you have something to chat about. We do.

Large financial firms have formidable teams of research analysts, strategists and portfolio managers. They have much to say about important economic developments. But they have not moved fast enough to deliver their knowledge to individual clients in convenient, interactive ways.

Roboadvisors have built automated digital offerings. To open an account, you generally spend 5 minutes assessing your time horizon and risk preferences. For the most part, the conversation ends there. You may have informed views on the developments that are shaping your portfolio’s returns. But you’d have no good way to express them.

Yet, recent surveys suggest that investors are interested in personalized offerings and would like to be more involved in the investment process.

At Polly Portfolio, we have been working on personalization technology for more than a year. Our investment chatbot is a new interface to deliver on the basic premise: that investors should—and can—have a say in investment decisions without doing all the work. And our products don’t just share a common concept. Here is a spoonful of secret sauce: in building the Polly Chat, we utilized the same assets—investment logic, content and API services—that we had already built into our website Polly Analytics.

Meet Polly Chat

Polly Chat allows you to tap into the wisdom of our powerful knowledge engine that combines financial data, expert and your opinions to create custom trade ideas. It’s like chatting with an investment committee that offers perspectives on recent events and listens to what you have to say. All within Facebook Messenger.


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Five minutes and a few of your reactions is enough to get started. Or, if you are in the mood to binge chat, you can go through all fifty or so headlines. Polly Chat will generate an investor profile based pm your reactions. Prepare to meet your investor alter ego, a famous investor who shares your investing views. You’ll also get some trade ideas, along with brief explanations of the reasoning behind them.

To get started, follow this link or scan the code below with your Facebook messenger app.

FB Chat Code

P.S. For any tech enthusiasts out there, click here for a Medium post on how we built Polly Chat.