Bespoke Enterprise gives managed account providers and financial advisors technology to create and deliver customized advice for each client. Put your stamp on the same technology powering Conversation Guide, and automatically give clients investment solutions tailor-made for their investment philosophy, tax situation, and held-away portfolio exposures while staying true to a baseline investment strategy all your own.

Hand-Crafted Advice—Automatically

Clients want your expertise, applied to their specific problems.

Bespoke pulls together information about client objectives, tax situations, existing holdings, and combine it with your choice of strategy, investment options, and economic outlooks to automate the creation and management of a truly customized client solution.

Helping you deliver high quality, consistent advice, while eliminating the administrative overhead of manually managing every client separately. And you won’t have to change your existing account management, trading, financial planning, or CRM systems.

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Deliver Solutions

The game is changing, see how Bespoke Enterprise helps both asset managers and wealth managers win today.

Customized Fee-Based Wealth Management

Every client is different. Demonstrate your value by showing your clients how you've customized an investment solution for them. Bespoke will help you create and automatically manage investment strategies that are customized to clients’ unique goals, concerns, opinions, tax situation, and held-away assets.

Maximize Your Managed Account Strategy

Differentiate your managed account offerings for financial advisors. Say yes to advisor requests for help customizing your offering, all the while staying true to the investment research that your firm does best.

Investment Manager Marketing

Showcase your products as solutions. Marketing tools help financial advisors leverage their own intuition to create actionable strategies with your products. By taking a holistic approach, these tools encourage the use of a breadth of products, reducing the dependency on any single product’s performance. They also provide ongoing guidance – when and where the advisor needs it.

Key Features

Customized Proposals

Demonstrate value to clients by giving them investment strategies that are directly, explicitly responsive to their situation, desires, and concerns.

Tax-Sensitive Asset Allocation

Take the next step by generating asset allocations using customized after-tax return expectations.

Execute on Investment Outlooks

The world doesn’t stand still, and neither should your investment strategy. Respond to market developments the way your clients want, but with all the discipline of systematic portfolio design.

Embrace Existing Client Exposures

Automatically adjust your investments for your clients’ other holdings as well. Show them that you are looking at their whole picture.

Choose Your Instruments

Implement your asset class exposures the way that makes sense for you and your clients. ETFs, mutual funds, equity sleeves– you name it.

Natural Language Explanations

The Bespoke system will generate plain English explanations for all the adjustments made to the base strategy so your clients can understand the moves you are making.

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