Our Mission

Polly Portfolio is a first-of-its-kind, automated investment platform that gives investment advisors advanced technology and revolutionary tools to support customized client advice.

Our Approach

Investor opinions matter, advisor opinions matter. Everything about clients and advisors matter. Our Bespoke advice system incorporates custom views, existing investments, and tax rates into a strategy just for you. And we don't stop there. Our Sophograph system helps investing teams respond to market movements and economic data.

Risk-based Insight

Founded by senior hedge fund professionals, Polly Portfolio offers institutional-grade investment technology, automatic portfolio adjustments as data changes, and strategic insight into market and portfolio behavior.

Customization Shows You Care

Easily customize the design of your portfolios based on personalized economic outlook, investment objectives, and tax status—all with the help of our hedge-fund grade tools and analysis.

Time is Money

Every hour saved by not manually gathering data and hand-crafting investment proposals is many, many, many pennies earned.

Let Your Light Shine

Show your clients the value you provide by showing them their Bespoke investing solution. With an explanation for every move you're making.

Polly Portfolio’s analytics engine was developed by Wall Street veterans who have managed billions of dollars for some of the world’s most sophisticated institutions. But we are also folks who think the time has come for everyone to have direct access to lovingly crafted, personalized advice, just like the institutional investors do.

Polly Portfolio gives advisors who serve individual investors easy-to-use access to the same tools that institutional investors get from their consultants. We’ve named ourselves after a parrot. But not because we repeat what everyone else does. We just like parrots.